I already know what you’re thinking; ‘here we go, with another boring mock draft, repeating the same crap that everyone else has published‘ and you know what? You might be right, BUT as always, I’ll provide you with a unique insight into SOME players you probably wouldn’t have even given a second thought. Still need […]

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Raptors vs. Magic: A Truly Magical Experience

By: Kamal Hylton (@KamalHylton) Let me start off by thanking Nick Caro and NBA Nation Australia from the bottom of my heart for this opportunity to cover my hometown team live and in living colour! This has been a dream of mine ever since I could remember, to be able to go onto an NBA […]

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Rondo’s Latest Injury Isn’t The End Of The World For Celtics Fans. But, What An Inconvenience It Is To Rondo?

So news broke last week that Boston Celtics Star Rajon Rondo had broken his wrist after a freak slip in the shower at his home. For Celtics fans this was a shock, and a real downer for what is now a mere month away from the opening game of the season. The broken hand circus […]

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2014 FIBA World Cup: Three Euro-based players with NBA futures

By: Kamal Hylton (@KamalHylton) Throughout the 2014 FIBA World Cup there have been some stellar performances from quite a few players that are currently on NBA rosters. These are players we’re well familiar with, or in some cases will get familiar with them if/when they decide to come to North America. What I’d like to […]

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Mixed Bag

This article is my first take on nailing down a couple of completely random thoughts/suggestions about the upcoming 2014/15 NBA Season. Not one thing you look at may make sense to you, and that’s perfectly fine because the assorted array of conclusions I’m about to write about are my own personal views. Want to know […]

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Sneaker Watch: Adidas Crazylight Boost

Adidas have unveiled the new, amazing ‘Crazylight Boost’ sneaker for Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard. The new sneaker pays homage to the Blazers Point Guard, with the colourway of Purple, Red & Black nodding at Lillards College colours of Weber State and his NBA home of Portland. Lillard’s nickname of ‘DAME’ is also incorporated […]

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FIBA World Cup: Brazil dominate rivals and Boomers come up short

By: Kamal Hylton (@KamalHylton) Yesterday’s knockout games were good, but today’s games were even better! Providing excitement and drama in two games that were billed as interesting clashes. Brazil too strong for Argentina In a battle of two South American rivals that aren’t fond of each other on the pitch or on the court, it […]

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Enter the Dragon

Kamal Hylton has done an incredible job so far of covering the FIBA World Cup; this article is more about National Pride.   In what was our fifth game of this tournament, we went in with the circumstances around final standings hanging in the balance. Far too often have we found ourselves in a solid […]

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FIBA World Cup: Splash Bros. highlight beginning of knockout stages

By: Kamal Hylton (@KamalHylton) Group stage play is now behind us, a part of the competition that had some interesting teams, moments and games. This included the upset of the tournament with Senegal defeating a major European nation in Croatia 77-75, the Philippines ending a 40-year drought in major FIBA competition with a 81-79 win […]

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Rookie Watch: Dante Exum

#RookieWatch Continues…… If you haven’t caught up on the articles that have been published thus far, make sure you get around to reading them. The rookies covered by Nick Caro, Nick How and Matt Leslie are: Julius Randle, Marcus Smart and Elfrid Payton. All three articles have been brilliantly written and not one is following […]

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